HBCU Sports Bar Promotions

The Vision

In support of the Toyota HBCU New York Football Classic,  aligning  a  first  with  a  first  would  be historic.  The  youngest  black  owner  of  an  HBCU Classic collaborating with new and current black business spirit owners would send shockwaves of empowerment   throughout   the   urban   and suburban communities. The overall goal is to push the spirit brands product into as many restaurants and bars which will lead to these brands creating more jobs for the black community.


There will be three events going on in a span of three (3) days. One event will be an “Invite Only” at a location that will only be revealed to the Title Sponsor. The other two events will be an “Open Invite” that will be held at two (2) locations in two boroughs in New York City. All three events will include a networking event, competition amongst attendees, and a Point Of Sale to generate revenue. The ambiance will be centered around the HBCU culture.