Play Ball!

You don’t have to know the rules to have fun watching sports with your friends.

An exciting interactive live action game we play while watching sports with family and friends and make new ones.

Not interested in sports? NO PROBLEM!!

This game is fun for everyone and can be played by literally anyone.


Now you know the game.

Come play with us.

Player of the Month

We are looking for the TPG Player that is having the most fun just playing the game. The less they know about the sport and are having the most fun is what we are looking for.

Penalty of the Month

Depending on the season and the sport, we will be launching brand new penalties that you insert into your game.

Funniest Penalty of the Month

We could never come up with some of the creative penalties that some of our Players come up with. Weather, they are your penalties or ours, we will be looking for the funniest ones to put on our podcast. So be safe and have fun with your penalties.

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