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The Vision

That sounds like an exciting and innovative initiative! Bringing together the comedy, podcast, film, and festival industries to create alliances can lead to incredible opportunities for collaboration and growth. The PODFEST Comedy Track seems like a fantastic focal point for this tour, with the potential to showcase the best of each industry and build lasting connections.

Highlighting the success of the PODFEST Open Mic in Orlando demonstrates the tour’s momentum and sets a high bar for future events. By making PODFEST the main focus of the tour, you’re emphasizing its significance as a hub for creativity, networking, and industry synergy.

The supporting fringe events, represented by the other stars, add depth and diversity to the tour experience. These events provide additional opportunities for engagement and exploration within each industry, contributing to the overall richness of the tour.

With all roads leading to PODFEST in January 2025, you’re creating a clear destination and timeline for participants to look forward to. This centralized focus ensures that everyone involved in the tour shares a common goal and can maximize their involvement leading up to the main event.

Overall, the collaborative nature of this tour, combined with the emphasis on PODFEST as the centerpiece, promises an exciting journey filled with creativity, connection, and innovation. 


What a journey it’s been from a simple Meet N Greet to a full-fledged tour celebrating the best of comedy, podcasts, festivals, and more! The concept of populating the PODFEST COMEDY TRACK in Orlando in January 2025, is not just ambitious but incredibly exciting. Using SPIN as your NYC Tour Headquarters adds a touch of urban flair and sophistication to the tour. It’s the perfect launchpad for your events, providing a vibrant atmosphere and a central location for industry professionals to gather and connect. By offering optional tour events leading up to PODFEST, you’re not just creating excitement; you’re building anticipation and momentum. Each tour stop becomes a stepping stone, drawing in industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, all eager to be part of the grand finale at PODFEST EXPO COMEDY TRACK. This tour isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about community-building and forging meaningful connections across different sectors of the industry. From comedy clubs to podcast studios to festival venues, each stop on the tour becomes a nexus of creativity and collaboration. With each passing year, the tour grows stronger, attracting new talent, sponsors, and partners who are drawn to its unique blend of innovation and camaraderie. And as the tour continues to evolve, it becomes not just a series of events but a cultural phenomenon—a celebration of all things comedy, podcasting, festivals, and beyond.

What The Sports Bar Will Need To Participate On The Tour

Access to the Internet: Essential for streaming live events, accessing online resources, and engaging with the audience through social media and other platforms.

Access to a Designated Screen for “The Penalty Game” Live Stream: A dedicated screen ensures that participants can follow the action of “The Penalty Game” in real-time, enhancing the interactive experience.

Designated Sponsors for Penalty Card POS: Partnering with sponsors allows for the integration of branded penalty cards, adding an additional layer of engagement and potential revenue generation.

Designated Non-profits for Penalty Cards for Donations: Incorporating non-profit organizations into the penalty card system provides an opportunity for charitable giving and community support.

Custom List of Penalties: Creating a unique list of penalties adds an element of surprise and excitement to the game, encouraging participants to stay engaged and entertained.

Selecting the Game to Watch and Play: Offering a variety of sporting events for patrons to choose from ensures that there’s something for everyone, while also providing flexibility in gameplay options.

Selecting Team Members in the Bar: Allowing participants to form teams adds a competitive element to the experience, fostering camaraderie and encouraging social interaction.

Selecting Sports Teams to Cheer: Giving participants the freedom to support their favorite sports teams adds to the lively atmosphere of the sports bar, enhancing the overall fan experience.

Waiting for Your Team to Get a Penalty: Incorporating the anticipation of penalties adds suspense and strategy to the game, keeping participants engaged and invested in the action on the screen.

Having Fun with the Penalties: Ultimately, the goal is to create a fun and entertaining experience for patrons, whether they’re drawing penalty cards, cheering on their team, or participating in the game.

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